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Jazzy Nerves, Aching Feet, and Foxtrots: Representations of Jazz in the New Zealand Media during the 1920s

In honour of International Jazz Day (April 30) I’ve decided to post about one of my favourite topics: jazz in print. One of the interesting things about researching anything historical is that at some point you get to examine old newspapers, and, headaches caused by badly photographed newspapers/badly calibrated microfilm machines aside, it was a lot […]

The Brubeck Collection at the University of the Pacific

This week I’ve been in Stockton California taking up the Brubeck Collection Travel Grant I was awarded last September. I was researching his quartet’s tours to New Zealand in the 1960s and the genesis of his piece Maori Blues. The collection is an amazing resource for researchers that was endowed by Dave and Iola Brubeck […]

The NZBS Radio Band System

Jazz groups had been a regular feature of New Zealand broadcasting since the industry’s earliest days. However, until World War Two, the majority of broadcasts were relays from cabarets, dance halls, and other venues, rather than from the studio. Studio broadcasts became increasingly popular from the mid–1930s, and by the late 1940s, would become the […]

Stebbings Zodiac Archive Series and Esme Stephens and Friends

  In 2012 Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd  began re-releasing some of their classic recordings in the Archive Series 1945-1956. The albums formed by these recordings (most of which were singles originally) have been released under the Stebbing’s Zodiac label. These releases are a treat for historical discophiles as for some of these recordings it is […]

April is Jazz Appreciation Month

Organised by the Smithsonian and the Jazz Journalists Association, April is official Jazz appreciation month. In honour of that, I’m going to try and update this blog a bit more frequently…