And all the jazz column from Count Down

At the end of last year while I was sick and working from home I wrote a blog about Kiwi Teen entertainment magazines and their jazz content for the National Library of New Zealand. Hope you enjoy:

A long while back I wrote about when Thelonious Monk came to New Zealand. Recently, as part of my new job at the Alexander Turnbull Library I was helping a researcher find some material about that tour, and it turns out, there was a lot to be had! The Turnbull holds the records of the […]

NZ Music Month 2020 poster

It’s the 20th anniversary of New Zealand Music Month this year and their themes are support/buy/follow/stream local and looking back at how far NZ music has come- both themes very appropriate to what I try to do here and in all my musical activities! For those of you who follow me on Twitter you’ll know […]

Nathan Haines Shift Left band Civic Theatre 2019

August 24 2019 Civic Theatre, Auckland The cool thing about writing reviews on my own blog is that I can fangirl as much as I want to, I don’t have to pretend to be an objective journalist. And be warned, there’s going to be a lot of fangirling ahead! As I’ve written previously, Shift Left means […]

Epi Shalfoon and his Melody Boys circa 1925

At the start of the year I went to the inaugural Documenting Jazz conference in Dublin, Ireland. It’s been a decade since I was last able to attend a northern hemisphere jazz conference, so it was a big trip (in more ways than one). Documenting Jazz was a fantastic conference, I wanted to see every […]

Dr Tree was New Zealand’s first jazz-rock fusion group and album. It was formed by drummer Frank Gibson Jr. in 1973 with Murray McNabb after hearing the Mahavishnu Orchestra and wanting to try and do something that had a rock and funk feel to it, but was still inherently jazz. The oft-told story (by both […]

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Nathan Haines debut album Shift Left, the first New Zealand jazz album I ever bought- on cassette tape no less (teenage me couldn’t afford the CD). When I thought about doing a series of deep dives into New Zealand jazz albums for NZ Music Month, this was the one that […]

Despite all my intentions for the last year as you will have noticed, nothing has happened here since, well, March 2018. Long story short for those of you who don’t know me personally, or follow me on Twitter, my day gig at the University of Auckland’s Music and Dance Library took over my life, and […]

TANZA Label- Dancing in My Socks

Singer, dancer and all-round entertainer Pat McMinn died last weekend aged 91. She was one of the last musical connections to the Swing Era and to some of our most iconic (and ear-wormy) novelty songs. McMinn was also one of the last old-school multitalented vaudeville entertainers. Born in 1926 ‘Pretty Pattie (or Paddie’) McMinn was […]

Jazz dancing

A couple of weeks ago I was in Wellington doing some research, and while I was there I was interviewed by Zoe George of Radio NZ Concert’s Upbeat programme about the Charleston and all things 1920s New Zealand. It aired last Friday, but if you didn’t catch it you can listen to/read it and learn […]