I’ve just posted a review on my substack of a fabulous, very soon to be released new jazz album from Wellington based saxophonists Jasmine Lovell-Smith and Jake Baxendale, please check it out: https://nzjazz.substack.com/p/sanctuary-jasmine-lovell-smith-and

22/5 NZ Jazz album for today is guitarist Neil Watson and his 2017 album Studies in Tubular: This album was the result of Neil’s Master of Music study. I interviewed Neil and reviewed the album for NZ Musician just before it was released in 2017: https://nzmusician.co.nz/features/neil-watson-constructed-jazz/ https://nzmusician.co.nz/music/neil-watson-tubular/ 23/5 NZ Jazz album for 23 May is Roger […]

22/5 Jazz was a popular concept in advertising. Jazz was used to sell everything from food to floor polish. Woods Great Peppermint cure (containing 50% alcohol) routinely used jazz to promote and sell its over the counter ‘influenza cure’. Waikato Independent 21/5/21 p.4 https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/WAIKIN19210521.2.16.5 23/5 The comic opera sensation Marama opened in Dunedin in its latest stop […]

As I hinted at the start of the month, there was a new thing on the horizon: I’ve jumped on the Substack newsletter bandwagon! It’s going to be dedicated to long form reviews of and articles on music from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Now why am I doing that there and not here you might ask? Well […]

15/5 The NZ jazz album of the day is Nathan Haines Squire for Hire. This album highlights Haines’ exploration of the British soul jazz genre, with some twists that are all his own. It’s one of my favourite albums that’s a go to for feel good music: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/0ZdTIECeIAksKmdSCJaQRC 16/5 Today’s NZ jazz album of the day […]

15/5 Webley Sons and Gofton music store in Dunedin advertised famous dance records on double sided records in strict dance time. Strict dance time sounds impressive, especially on new double sided records, but actually all it means is music with a regular beat and in a good danceable tempo. #nzmusicmonth Evening Star 16/5/21 p.7 https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/ESD19210516.2.78.7 […]

8/5 Album of the day, my old jazz piano teacher, Kevin Field with his latest album, Soundtology 9/5 Today’s album is The Jac’s 2014 debut album Nerve. I wrote a review for New Zealand Musician back in 2014, but it sadly doesn’t seem to be online currently. It’s an awesome album though, you should definitely […]

8/5 Despite common myths, there was entertainment on Sundays in NZ. On Saturday 7 May the Manawatu Times noted that the Dannevirke Municipal Band was having a concert the following evening at the Dannevirke Town Hall to raise funds for their new uniforms. MT 7/5/21 p.3 https://paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/MT19210507.2.7 Oh! So much entertainment! While a brass band […]

1/5 New Zealand Music Month is a party month for the New Zealand music scene, so I had to start off with a party band: Wellington’s Richter City Rebels with their 2014 album We Do It Like That: 2/5 Pianist and New Zealand jazz icon Phil Broadhurst sadly passed away in 2020, but before he did […]

As mentioned in my previous post, one of the Music Month things I’m doing is tweeting what musical events were going on in New Zealand 100 years ago in May 1921. This is more than just jazz- in part because jazz was still really new so there wasn’t that much that was being written on […]