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When Monk Came to New Zealand pt. 2

A long while back I wrote about when Thelonious Monk came to New Zealand. Recently, as part of my new job at the Alexander Turnbull Library I was helping a researcher find some material about that tour, and it turns out, there was a lot to be had! The Turnbull holds the records of the […]

When Thelonious Monk Came to New Zealand

This month saw the 100 birthday of legendary jazz pianist Thelonious Monk, and there have been a lot of fascinating stories written about him all around the internet. I’ve been mulling over whether to share this story of him for a couple of months now, in part because I cannot confirm if one part of […]

Upcoming courses

You may be interested to know that I’ll be doing a couple of courses for University of Auckland’s Centre for Continuing Education soon. The first explores the history of jazz in New Zealand starting on June 15- details here. The second is an introduction to jazz course for people ranging from complete jazz novices to […]

NZ Music Month 2016

Just a little note about my activities for this year’s Music Month. I’ll be doing three talks this month so if you’re in Auckland please come along- they’re all free and open to anyone. May 8 2pm Birkenhead Library- Auckland’s Jazz Heritage: Come, take a whirlwind tour of the spaces, places and people that made […]

Doug Lawrence at UoA and CJC

At the end of May the Basie Band toured New Zealand, giving us some phenomenal concerts (you can read reviews here and here– lucky people who got comps- I’m definitely jealous!). Their lead tenor Doug Lawrence stayed on in Auckland for a week giving a concert at the University of Auckland on Queens Birthday Monday […]

Save the Date

As part of the New Zealand Music Month celebrations, Tuesday next week (May 12) I’m talking at the Auckland Central Library about the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s tours to New Zealand in the 1960s and the evolution of his piece ‘Maori Blues’ from the 1961 album Time Further Out: Miro Reflections. Pertinent details: 12 May 6pm (live […]

Economics and Jazz

The economics of music is something that fascinates me- partly because of all of the stories of when musicians could earn a full time wage just from performing, something that is infrequent these days, and partly because it’s interesting to see how much musicians were ‘worth’ at any given time. I wrote about this a […]