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The Royal New Zealand Ballet at Sixty

As this blog is subtitled About jazz in New Zealand and other topics, it’s probably time that I write something about another topic. I’ve been reading the celebratory The Royal New Zealand Ballet at Sixty with great interest these past few days. I’m a huge fan of ballet, and the RNZB in particular, and I’ve […]

Including/Excluding: research choices and defining jazz

Recently I’ve had discussions with several people about the scope of my thesis, and what constitutes jazz. People are always curious as to why I included or excluded particular people or events and why I chose to start and end my thesis when I did (1920-1955). One statement combines both of these topics quite neatly: […]

American bands in New Zealand during WW2

All of my interest in the history of jazz in New Zealand began with a research project in my third year of University. I was trying think of something interesting when one of my teachers- Bernie Allen- suggested that I do something on the influence of the American troops that were stationed in New Zealand […]