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NZ Music Month 2016

Just a little note about my activities for this year’s Music Month. I’ll be doing three talks this month so if you’re in Auckland please come along- they’re all free and open to anyone. May 8 2pm Birkenhead Library- Auckland’s Jazz Heritage: Come, take a whirlwind tour of the spaces, places and people that made […]

ANZAC Musicians

April 25 is ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) remembers the sacrifices of all Australian and New Zealand defence personnel in wars and armed conflicts. It began after World War One to remember the tragedy that was that war, and in particular the Gallipolli campaign, which began […]

The Orange Coronation Ballroom

The other week I was walking through Newton (one of Auckland’s inner city suburbs) and passed the Orange Coronation Hall- a venue of many a dance in the twentieth century (until 1987), and more lately a church to find that only the façade was left standing and it was primed for development as an apartment […]

American bands in New Zealand during WW2

All of my interest in the history of jazz in New Zealand began with a research project in my third year of University. I was trying think of something interesting when one of my teachers- Bernie Allen- suggested that I do something on the influence of the American troops that were stationed in New Zealand […]

The Mosquito Network in New Zealand: AEBS Auckland

During World War Two New Zealand played host to tens of thousands of American military personnel as a training, rest and rehabilitation base during the course of the Pacific War 1942-1945. In 1944, during the latter stages of the Americans’ residence in New Zealand, the American Expeditionary Broadcasting Service [AEBS] petitioned the newly amalgamated National […]