Monthly Archives: October 2013

Chris Bourke’s Blue Smoke Radio Series

I’ve just heard that Radio New Zealand has recently placed the entirety of Chris Bourke’s Blue Smoke series online. If you’re interested in New Zealand popular music history this is the radio series for you. It can be found On Chris’s site here: Or on the Radio New Zealand site here:

Why Hip Hop works for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

Since seeing The Great Gatsby a few months ago and reading a variety of reviews of it I have been pondering why many people felt that Luhrmann’s use of hip hop did not work for the film, and why I think it did. I should note that this is entirely my own opinion- I have […]

Fascinating Rhythm: Australian and American Influences on Swing in New Zealand.

It’s a fact of scholarly or academic life that when you write articles for journals or conference proceedings that occasionally during the peer-review editorial process that you end up with an article that you didn’t actually want to write. It’s often a case of different ideas about what you think you’re writing, what you actually […]