Monthly Archives: May 2014

Jazz: Music and Dance

From about 1920 to the late 1940s jazz was almost inextricably linked with the act of dancing. This is a fact that is both simultaneously known and (for the most part) ignored by publications and courses on jazz (music) because it ruins the narrative that the greatest early jazz was not to be danced to. […]

Jazz Concert Controversy: Cartoons

Last May I wrote a post about jazz concerts in New Zealand and a little about the controversies surrounding them. Early this month I spoke at the Cartoons, Comics and Caricatures Symposium at the University of Auckland on one specific controversial incident involving the expensive and new Steinway grand piano at the Auckland Town Hall […]

Australian Music Maker and Dance Band News

Recently I have been doing a lot of research that involves using the music trade magazine Australian Music Maker and Dance Band News (which is partly why I have not posted for a while). While I had used clippings of it for my thesis research (held in the Dennis Huggard Jazz Archive at the Alexander […]