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NZ Music Month 2016

Just a little note about my activities for this year’s Music Month. I’ll be doing three talks this month so if you’re in Auckland please come along- they’re all free and open to anyone. May 8 2pm Birkenhead Library- Auckland’s Jazz Heritage: Come, take a whirlwind tour of the spaces, places and people that made […]

And the Band Played On

With the anniversary of World War One upon us there are a number of books relating to various aspects of the war that have recently been published. One that I have just read is And the Band Played On: How Music Lifted the Anzac Spirit in the Battlefields of the First Word War by Robert […]


Well, the time has come- I have discovered the first errata in my thesis. I guess I should be glad that I found it rather than someone else, but still, in the immortal word of Homer Simpson: D’oh! I discovered this in the course of my latest piece of research, which was tangentially related to […]

Australian Music Maker and Dance Band News

Recently I have been doing a lot of research that involves using the music trade magazine Australian Music Maker and Dance Band News (which is partly why I have not posted for a while). While I had used clippings of it for my thesis research (held in the Dennis Huggard Jazz Archive at the Alexander […]