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Arthur Pearce: The Godfather of New Zealand Radio Jazz DJs

Arthur Pearce had been hooked on jazz since he first heard the ODJB in a dance class in 1922; the interest quickly turned into obsession and Pearce soon became known as the walking encyclopaedia of jazz in Wellington. In 1935 he somehow succeeded badgering the 2YA authorities into allowing him to present a special one–hour […]


A new website on New Zealand music was launched today as the culmination of New Zealand Music Month. AudioCulture is the “noisy library of New Zealand music” and has articles about all aspects of the New Zealand music scene from the 1920s to today. It’s mostly pop and rock related (with a couple of jazz […]

Jazz Concerts and Controversy

It may seem curious from a twenty-first century perspective that jazz concerts could ever be controversial, but in 1950s New Zealand this is what happened. The first formal jazz concert was held in August 1950 (which I will detail along with the jazz concert concept in another post) but that was the beginning of a […]

Cabarets and Clubs: 1920s

This is going to be an ongoing series of posts about the venues for jazz in New Zealand, some are going to focus on a general time period and a number of different venues, and others will be focused on specific venues, or spaces, where people made and listened to jazz. In this first post […]

New Zealand Music Month

Well, I’m getting started on this a bit late (it’s not quite half way through the month at least), but better late than never, yes? May is New Zealand Music Month, in which New Zealanders pay more attention than usual to locally produced music (well, that’s the theory). Since this is a blog focused on […]