NZjazz is mostly about  the history of jazz in New Zealand pre-1970, but will also cover other topics whenever something piques my interest. While I will occasionally write about current jazz activities in New Zealand, my primary focus is on the history so if you are looking for current jazz in New Zealand (especially gig guides) try the following:









  1. Hi Aleisha – great site! just wondering if you have come across Clyde Howley and his wife Florence (aka Mickey Howley) – he played with his band The New Internationals(?) at the Dixieland Cabaret and also with ex NZ Divisional Forces variety theatre group The Kiwis. I don’t have anything else though…

    1. Hi My Great Grandfather was Clyde Howley. I have lots of pictures of him. My Gran was Mickey.
      Sonja Yelich

  2. Any gig guide for Australia? Thanks Aleisha. Interesting blog. I have a similar one (altough much less developed on jazz history in Spanish language, specially on women in jazz. Nobody seems to know them in Spain….)

    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting. I don’t know of any national gig guide for Australia, or even ones at State level- the scene’s too big and too spread out so they tend to go city by city. However try this one for Sydney and surrounds: http://www.jazzinsydney.com. Or this one fore Melbourne: http://ausjazz.net/gigs/gig-guide-for-melbourne/. Other cities either have similar clubs or tend to use aggregating sites like Eventfinda. As for women in jazz I just kept looking through newspapers and magazines for mentions (women’s columns in newspapers are actually really good for this sort of information)- also try local oral histories at public libraries. I’ve found all sorts of information in the most obscure places! Good luck!

      1. Thanks Aleisha! Sidney and Melbourne is where I’ll be for Christmas indeed. I live now in India, also trying to identify who are the best musicians in the local scene (most have moved to the US though). From here, I can only rely on my books, e-books and other material on the Internet. Which newspapers and magazines do you mean?

  3. General daily newspapers and magazines of all sorts as well as music trade papers, and broadcasting magazines (particularly the early ones for radio). Most daily papers have an entertainment column that will mention bands and (hopefully) individual musicians. Until the 1980s (in NZ anyway) most newspapers had a women’s column which also acted as an entertainment column talking about dances and the bands that played for them- female musicians frequently get mentioned there, more for their dress than their music, but it’s a starting point! Most places have their historical daily (and sometimes weekly) newspapers digitised so I’d suggest that you look out for those via the main libraries in the area, or the national library. So for example in NZ it’s Papers Past, in Australia it’s Trove, in the US many individual papers have digitised their own archives, such as NY Times, but there’s also ProQuest Historical Newspapers. but these are frequently only available through a subscription service, which most libraries have access to.

    Hope this helps.

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