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The Wellington Shake ‘Em On Downers Shake It On Down

I’ve been meaning to write a review of Wellington Shake ‘Em On Downers first album ‘Shake it Down’ for months now- since I heard them at the National Jazz Festival in April– and as I’ve just seen that they released a second album not long after I’d purchased their first album, it’s about time that […]

Doug Lawrence at UoA and CJC

At the end of May the Basie Band toured New Zealand, giving us some phenomenal concerts (you can read reviews here and here– lucky people who got comps- I’m definitely jealous!). Their lead tenor Doug Lawrence stayed on in Auckland for a week giving a concert at the University of Auckland on Queens Birthday Monday […]

Review: Cuban Flute Style

Cuban Flute Style by Sue Miller is a meticulously researched, comprehensive, well-written, and enjoyable book investigating the Cuban charanga flute style, with an emphasis on they ways flutists in this genre approach improvisation. Cuban Flute Style is very obviously Miller’s doctoral thesis (dissertation for my North American readers) transposed into book form, and is clearly […]