Jazz dancing

I’m very pleased to announce that I am the Auckland Libraries Sir George Grey Researcher in Residence for 2016/2017. For my residency I’ll be researching the Jazz Age in Auckland. This project is part of a longer on-going project on the Jazz Age in New Zealand, which I’m hoping that will be published as a […]

Frequently when I talk about heritage jazz venues in New Zealand I finish off my spiel with “…and now it’s a car park/office building/apartment block,” etc. However, I can happily forego that here, and report that the Orange Coronation Ballroom is alive and well! As Aucklanders well know the Orange Hall has been sitting derelict […]

Jazz dancing

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately on the Jazz Age in New Zealand, and there are so many interesting facets to jazz outside of music and dances during the 1920s, but one of the aspects that I find the most fascinating is the concept of jazz emotions. In the 1920s jazz was a […]

The last playlist for NZMM 2016- 31 different NZ jazz artists for you to sample, but as always there are many, many more, and I urge you to go out and find them. Mark De Clive-Lowe- Church ‘The Mission’ Coral Cummins with the Bob Bradford Quartette at the Christchurch Jazz Society Concert October 1951 ‘September in the […]

You may be interested to know that I’ll be doing a couple of courses for University of Auckland’s Centre for Continuing Education soon. The first explores the history of jazz in New Zealand starting on June 15- details here. The second is an introduction to jazz course for people ranging from complete jazz novices to […]

A slightly late posting for this last week’s playlist- too many NZMM activities going on! Dr Tree- Dr Tree ‘Vulcan Words’ Carolina Moon (aka Caro Manins)- East of the Sun ‘Sous le Ciel’ Roger Manins- Hip Flask ‘John Scon’ The Jac Live at Orange Studios ‘The Heist’ Jonathan Crayford The Biggish Band at Mighty Mighty ‘Grasshopper’ LTM Soultronic Ensemble at Rogue […]

Nathan Haines- Vermillion Skies, ‘Celestial You’ Space Case- Retrospective, ‘Funk City’ Alan Broadbent- Live at Giannelli Square Vol. 1, ‘Lullaby of the Leaves’ Reuben Bradley- Cthulhu Rising, ‘The Esoteric Order of Dragon’ Matt Penman- Catch of the Day, ‘Astrolabe’ Richter City Rebels- We Do It Like That, ‘Getcha Groove On’ Judy Bailey- Jazz Legends: Judy Bailey, ‘I Remember Thelonious’