The JAM Twitter recap

April was Jazz Appreciation Month and each day I tweeted one track of New Zealand Jazz. So here is the complete list for if you don’t twitter or missed one…

Mike Nock and Frank Gibson ‘Phaedra’s Lullaby’ from the 1985 album ‘Open Door’:

Nick Granville Group ‘Somewhere You’ve Been’ from ‘Wishful Thinking’

Kevin Field with ‘Leftfield’ from his 2016 jazz Tui nominated album ‘The A List’

Phil Broadhurst Quintet: ‘Precious Metal’ from the Tui award winning album ‘Panacea’

Paul Lestre Group ‘Yesterday’s’ from ‘A Nite at the Hi Diddle Griddle’

Esme Stephens w/t Lyn Christie Trio ‘In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening’

La Petite Manouche ‘Valse Étrange’ from their album ‘Odd Times, Odd Places’

Pianist Nancy Harre ‘Fascination Rag’ from the Zodiac Heritage album ‘Polite Company’

Nathan Haines ‘5 A Day’ from his acclaimed 2014 album ‘5 A Day’

Reuben Bradley ‘Clay Horror’ from his acclaimed 2015 album ‘Cthulhu Rising’

the Frank Gibson Jr led band Dr Tree ‘Transition’ from the 1976 album ‘Dr Tree’

The Jac ‘Andalusia’ live at Orange Studio, Christchurch:

Martin Winiata Orchestra 1951 ‘Leave Some’ from a recording of a concert rehearsal:

Murray McNabb Trio ‘Waiting for You’ from the 2010 album of the same name:

Glenn Wagstaff with the Symposium Jazz Orchestra ‘Polaris’ from 2015 his album ‘Firefly’

The Wellington City Shake ‘Em On Downers ‘Creamy’

Trumpeter Kim Paterson with an all-star group ‘5th House’ from his 2012 album ‘Duende’:

Coral Cummins and the Bob Bradford Quartet ‘September in the Rain’ 23 Oct 1951

Mavis Rivers with Shorty Rogers ‘When Sunny Gets Blue’

Louis T Munn with Leon Philipsen bass & Shaun Anderson drums ‘Intro/Beautiful Love’ 2010

Dixon Nacey with his Lets Sco Project ‘Green Onions’ from 2014:

Stu Buchanan, George Williams, Tommy & Mark Kahi ‘It Happened in Monterey’:

Pianist Charmaine Ford ‘Blues for Guppy’ from her 2003 album ‘Blues for Guppy’

Alan Broadbent ‘Flamingo’ from ‘Moment’s Notice’

’80s band Space Case ‘Davross’ from their compilation album ‘Retrospective’

Ricky May w/the Julian Lee Orchestra 1988

Pianist Julie Mason at the Creative Jazz Club in 2013

Pianist Kevin Field ‘Cousin Morphine’ from his 2011 album ‘Field of Vision’

And I thought I hadn’t doubled up on anyone…ooops

Lex French quartet at CJC April 2016 ‘Kasid’


Phew! That’s quite a list- also I seem to have a lot of pianists in here. I’ll have to even that out for the Music Month playlists…


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