New Zealand Saxophone

It’s Adolphe Saxe’s 201st birthday today and to celebrate here’s a playlist of ten of my favourite saxophone (focused) pieces by New Zealand saxophonists:


Brian Smith ‘What is this thing called love’ at CJC 2014


Nathan Haines ‘The Night Air’ at CJC 2015


Chris Mason Battley ‘Falling Rain’ from Unspoken


The Antipodes featuring Jake Baxendale at CJC 2015


Roger Manins and Mike Nock ‘But Beautiful’ at CJC 2015


Martin Winiata’s 3YA Orchestra 1951 ‘The Neighbours Complain’


Auckland Jazz Orchestra at CJC 2015


Neo Hot Jive Orchestra featuring Colin Hemingson ‘Jive at Five’


Wellington Mingus Ensemble ‘Boogie Stop Shuffle’ at CJC 2014


Chelsea Prasiti featuring Callum Passels at CJC 2014

I’ve also created an international saxophone playlist over at Jazz Historian After Hours. Hope you enjoyed listening


One comment

  1. I have little knowledge of the NZ jazz scene – I could check good stuff, The Antipodes band was a great surprise for its powerful and modern approach! Thanks a lot for sharing! Great starting point to listen to great musicians!

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