New Zealand Music Month Jazz Celebration part two

Here’s the second part of my celebration of New Zealand jazz for New Zealand Music Month. This second part covers the 1980s to today. One month cannot encompass all the wonderful groups and players that we have here, but I hope this and the previous post helps to expand your horizons about jazz in New Zealand.

  1. Martin Winch (guitar) and Kevin Haines (bass)- Tricotism
  1. Murray McNabb Trio- Dark Window’s

Featuring- Murray McNabb, piano; Ron McClure, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

  1. Dan Papirany Trio- All the Things You Are

Featuring- Dan Papirany, piano; Pete McGregor, bass, Frank Gibson Jr., drums.

  1. Hip Flask- Revolution

Featuring- Roger Manins, saxophone; Adam Ponting, piano; Stu Hunter, organ; Brendan Clarke, bass; Toby Hall, drums.

  1. Nathan Haines- Realisation

Featuring- Nathan Haines, saxophone; Kevin Field, piano; Ben Turua, bass; drums unknown.

  1. Dixon Nacey- Naima

Featuring- Dixon Nacey, guitar; Olivier Holland, bass; Ron Samsom, drums.

  1. The Jelly Rolls- It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that swing)

Featuring Ben Wilcock, piano; Dan Yeabsley, bass; John Rae, drums.

  1. The Jac- The Heist

Featuring- Jake Baxendale, alto saxophone/flute; Lex French, trumpet; Chris Buckland, tenor saxophone; Matthew Allison, trombone; Daniel Millward, piano; Callum Allerdice guitar; Nick Tipping, bass; Shaun Anderson, drums.

  1. Brian Smith Quartet- Footprints

Featuring- Brian Smith, tenor saxophone; Kevin Field, piano; Kevin Haines, bass; Frank Gibson Jr. drums.

  1. Edwina Thorne Augmented- Red Clay

Featuring Edwina Thorne, flugelhorn; Andrea Groenwald, guitar; Adam Usmani, piano; Nick Taylor, bass; Lenny Church, drums.

  1. The Troubles- What Now for the Nut Jobs?
  1. Wellington City Shake ‘Em On Downers- Got My Mojo Working

Featuring- Emma Wollum, accordion and vocals; Oscar Levan, saxophone; Michael Costeloe, trumpet; Cameron Kidby, trombone; Rob Laurent, guitar; Robert Henderson, bass; Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa, drums.

  1. Neil Watson’s Zen Dogs- I Mean You

Neil Watson, guitar; Lewis McCallum saxophone; Olivier Holland, bass, Ron Samsom, drum.

  1. Astro Empire- Girl in the Green Dress

Dave Kempton, guitar/vocals; Louis Thompson-Munn, keys/vocals; Ben Hunt, trumpet; Jake Baxendale, tenor sax; Leon Philipsen, bass; Shaun Anderson, drums.

  1. Jonathan Crayford’s Biggish Band- Greasshopper

Featuring- Jonathan Crayford, keyboards; Rachelle Eastwood, flute; Bridget Kelly, clarinet; Lex French, trumpet; Blair Latham, tenor sax; Dan Yeabsley, baritone sax; Terry Crayford, sousaphone; Dan Ryland, guitar; Rio Hemopo, bass; Rick Cranson, drums; Estère Dalton vocals.

  1. Nick Granville Trio

Featuring- Nick Granville, guitar; Colin Hemmingsen, saxophone; Rowan Clark, bass.



  1. Great list, thanks Aleisha. Have you seen the film Whiplash? Saw it last night, amazing! Music school, tyrannical teacher, blood on the drum kit…and jazz jazz jazz…

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