NZ Music Month- Jazz Celebration

To celebrate New Zealand Music Month I’ve decided to collect one track a day of New Zealand jazz. Although I had initially thought of actually posting one per day things got in the way so instead I’ve grouped them into two larger posts for your delectation. So here’s part one of my New Zealand Music Month jazz celebration (part two will be posted at the end of the month), starting off with jazz to the 1980s. I should note that the majority of these recordings were taken from live concerts or recorded from broadcasts onto acetate and as such the quality of recording is variable and frequently unbalanced to our ears. However, try to listen around the technical difficulties for the wonderful sounds of NZ jazz.


  1. Astor Dixie Boys: A Kiss to Build a Dream

Featuring- John McKenzie, piano; Bobby Griffith tpt & vocal; Jim Warren valve trombone, Pem Sheppard clt; Bob Ewing on bass and Peter Buzz Burrell dms.



  1. Cliff Innes Group: At the Jazz Band Ball

Christchurch Jazz Society Concert 10 June 1953



  1. Mavis Rivers: Teach Me Tonight

Featuring- Mavis Rivers, vocals; Red Norvo, vibes; Tal Farlow guitar; Norman Simmons, piano; Steve Novosel, bass; Mike Sheppard, drums



  1. Paul Lestre Group: Lullaby of Birdland

Paul Lestre, tenor saxophone; Lyall Laurent, piano; Ray Gunter, guitar; Bob Ofsoski, bass




  1. Julian Lee as Sir Hugo Holme: Doghouse Boogie

Featuring Julian Lee, piano and vocal




  1. Coral Cummins with Martin Winiata Radio Orchestra: Sunday Kind of Love

Featuring- Coral Cummins vocals; Reeds: Martin Winiata, Pete Davey, Lloyd List, Bernie Winfield Brass: Brian Marston, Bernie Campbell, Cliff Innes, Doug Kelly, Gerald Marston Rhythm: Bob Bradford, Rod Derrett, Jimmy Gallagher, Jim Shanahan




  1. Stu Buchanan, Mark Kahi, Tommy Kahi, and George Williams: It Happened in Monterey




  1. Brian Marston Orchestra: Perdido

Christchurch Jazz Society 9 July 1952



  1. Esme Stephens with Lyn Christie Trio: In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening

Featuring- Esme Stephens vocals; Lyn Christie bass



  1. Mike Nock: Space Case




  1. Society Jazzmen: Chimes Blues

Featuring- Bob Douglas, trombone; Art Cummins, trumpet; Bob Borland, clarinet; Colin Crook, guitar; Don Branch, drums; Bob Ofsoski, bass




  1. Christchurch jazz musicians circa 1950: jam session




  1. Alan Broadbent with Irene Kal: You Are There

Featuring Alan Broadbent, piano; Irene Kal vocals




  1. Martin Winiata Aces: Poor Butterfly


Featuring- Martin Winiata, clarinet; Bob Bradford, piano; Rod Derrett, guitar; Jimmy Gallgher, bass; Jim Shanahan, drums.



  1. Dr. Tree: Vulcan Worlds

Featuring- Murray McNabb, rhodes, keys; Martin Winch, guitar; Kim Patterson, trumpet, conga; Bob Jackson, bass; John Banks, percussion; Frank Gibson Jr. drums.



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