Dusting off the cobwebs

Hello out there! Is anyone still reading? Apologies for neglecting this blog for the past couple of months, but I’ve been rather busy with paid work (necessary, but annoying) and also writing an article on the Australian influence on swing in New Zealand for Jazz Research Journal, which will actually have a component on this site. If you haven’t already looked, that’s what the page Got a Little Rhythm is all about. It’s all supplementary material to the article, but importantly it can be read on it’s own without reference to the article (since it’s a subscription journal, and I know not everyone will have access to it). There isn’t too much up there yet, but more will be going up soon. The contents will give you an idea of what will be there soon.


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  1. Hi Aleisha, I’m here :). It’s so interesting when you are researching, how things come up just at the right time – like your recommendations of jazz history books. I’d been looking for the very thing this week. I’m going to email you sep to update you on the interview with Betty. Caroline

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